Let's rethink the drink

Hi, we're Bevs.co,
Like you, we care about convenience, health and conscious living.

The future of beverages is on-demand and personalized, and you deserve nothing less. Our mission is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to make beverages at home. Doing our part in transitioning to a circular economy.

Here's why.

95% of a given beverage is water

That's right, the same as in your sink. Shipping bottled drinks around the world causes immense emissions and energy waste.

3,500 beverage containers per year

Are used by the average American household.

Why we care

Our founders have roots in the Caribbean and French Riviera, where it's commonplace to make drinks at home with natural ingredients. In fact 30% of European households already have soda makers. In the U.S. that number is closer to 4% but has doubled over the last several years.

Younger generations who care about sustainability and personalization are waking up to this new reality and adopting it as their new standard.

We've watched the affects of the beverage industry unfold and affect our ecosystem first hand. Not only is it becoming more expensive for the consumer but our population has grown so much that we cannot logistically keep up.

We're thankful to have you. Whenever you have questions, contact us. We're happy to advise and assist.

- Bevs.co