Flavor Drops Set


Specifically created to eliminate the need for heavy, store-bought bottles of flavored sparkling water, Flavor Drops provide a delicious, sugar-free, refreshing alternative. Black Raspberry plunges into a deep berry flavor with sweet and tart in perfect balance. Housed in recyclable glass, made to be right at home on any countertop alongside the Aarke Carbonator, a single bottle supplies about 111 servings of flavored sparkling water.


Black Raspberry A deep, distinct dark berry flavor that perfectly balances sweet and tart.

Cucumber Lime An energizing flavor of crisp cucumber and zesty lime that will leave you feeling renewed.

Wild Strawberry Delightfully sweet. The taste of sun-ripened berries and endless summertime.

Citrus Twist Tangy fresh flavor of lemon and bitter lime in an acidic harmony.